Your favorite ___ for $___: Shearling / Sherpa / Trucker Jackets

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Your favorite ___ for $___: Shearling / Sherpa / Trucker Jackets
Last week’s thread on Bomber Jackets | All past threads (_/$ and Building the Basic Bastard) | Leather Jackets | HarringtonsSo you want a jacket that’s soft and fluffy on the inside, but you don’t want to look like a sheep on the outside. Well, we got you, fam.In continuing our recent series of cozy clothing threads, we have Shearling / Sherpa / Trucker jackets. The word “shearling” technically refers to the sheep skin, which happens to have the short post-shear wool left on one side. The other side — being skin — is a suede-like situation. You generally wear these jackets with the suedey part out, and the fluffy wool inside, for reasons I don’t think I have to tell you.That said, there are plenty of leather and denim jackets with the wool part on the inside, and no shortage of synthetic shearling substitutes. I see no reason to ban any of these from the thread, as people tend to think of them similarly, but I would recommend specifying what type of jacket you’re recommending so people don’t have to click on your link to find out. (Remember to link whenever possible — everybody likes links… except my mom, who apparently just wants screenshots of webpages, but that’s another story).Let your inner sheep fly.Price Bins:Below $100.$100 to $200.$200 to $400.Above $400.What should we do next week?Guidelines for posting here:I’ll post price bins as top level comments. Post recommendations in response to a price bin, as a second level comment. You can also use top level comments for general info, inspo albums, and general questions.Recommendations can be a brand (“I like Kiton suits!”) or a strategy (“I go thrifting for suits!”).Try to stick to one brand/strategy per second-level comment. If you want to recommend both Alden and Carmina, post them separately so people can vote and discuss separately.Include a link in your second-level comment if you can — if not to a purchase page, at least to images.Try to use prices you might realistically pay. That might be MSRP, or it might not — it depends. If you’re in a cheap bin, maybe the best buying strategy is to thrift, or wait for a big sale. If you’re buying from a store like Banana Republic, paying full price is simply incorrect — the only question is whether you’ll get 40% off or 50% off. So factor that in.The bins are in USD, so either use a US price, or convert a non-US price to USD to pick the bin.There is no time limit on this thread, until Reddit stops you from posting and voting. This thread will sit in the sidebar for a long time, and serve as a guide for lots of people, so help them out!
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