A Brief Guide on Wearing Cropped Pants in Fall/Winter

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A Brief Guide on Wearing Cropped Pants in Fall/Winter
A Brief Guide on Wearing Cropped Pants in Fall/WinterAlternative title: How Long Can I Wear These Till It Snows?IntroductionSo if you’re like me and enjoy a no-break to cropped look and bought a few too many pants in Spring/Summer, than the colder months may appear to be a little more challenging. If you’re similar to me, this guide may be for you.It goes without saying though, if it’s snowing, or really really cold, just wear something else.Like, seriously. You don’t have to have an IQ over 420 to figure that out.Is this a really niche, guide? Yeah, pretty much. Hopefully some people might find it of use.Inspiration album—-> Album Here <—-I've included the pictures I liked, but I am aware that I'm missing a few preppy and business-casual stuff, and that's mainly because I don't have much in my inspiration folders or they didn't appear in many Top of the WAYWT or more recent WAYWT threads I looked through.If anyone else has some pics they'd like to share, please leave a comment!PantsFor the cropped look I prefer wool pants or chinos personally. Jeans look better cuffed to a high crop than being hemmed shorter IMO.Wool pants can look very nice with a sewed cuff (British English: turn up). The added weight of the cuff also allows for the wool to drape nicer down the leg.You have three choices on how to buy legwear really:Buy a shorter inseam off-the-rackBuy your 'regular' inseam off-the-rack and get it shortened by a tailorThrift/buy second hand and get it shortenedBrand recommendations: chinos and jeansThe brands below offer jeans and chinos in shorter inseams, so just buy an inseam which is shorter than your usual.Uniqlo cropped ankle pants, EZ pants, select Uniqlo U pants – inseams ranging from 26" to 30" depending on modelASOS – inseams down to 28", once saw a 25-26" before on a pair of cropped pantsGAP – inseams down 28"H&M – inseams of 30"Weekday – inseam down to 28"Old Navy – inseams down to 28"American Eagle Outfitters – inseam down to 28"American Eagle – inseam down to 28"Bonobos – 28" inseamBrand recommendations: wool pantsLow tier:Thrifting & tailorWeekdayZara Usually has some. May be overdesigned.H&MLands' End – Wool Year 'rounders, may need slimmingKirkland – may need slimmingMid-tier:Spier & Mackay – Super 110s merino wool trousersJ.Crew – Bowery Slims in lightweight four-season woolCOSNext – Suit wool separatesNorse ProjectsWoodWood – Tristan and Earl modelsHigh-tier:AMIIncotexAcne Studios – look for the Ryder model.Margaret HowellLoro PianaSocksJust wear a pair of socks, which because of the cropped nature of your pants or jeans are on show for everyone to see.If you dress more monochromatic you can opt for black or greys, or more colourful non-saturedtated socks. Cool options would be darker olives, greens, burgundy, etc.If you dress like a throwback normcore nostalgia-boi you can always consider white socks.If you dress preppy and are proud of it go for some fair isle sock or similar punchy patterns.Finally if you're wearing cropped pants, you can always just wear some boots, the larger boot shaft will just make the cropped pair you're wearing look like no-break pants.Brand recommendationsThe brands below are a mixture of fashion brands which either specifically just make socks, sell socks in addition to their clothing, or are outdoor/hiking brands which do socks on the side.In vague order of price:CostcoDarn ToughAmerican TrenchSmartwoolMiscellaneous hiking/outdoor storesPeople SocksLL. BeanOutlierREIWigwamsBeams +KapitalChupAnonymousism / Anonymous IsmBrands like Beams+, Kapital, Chup and Anonymousism can probably be found cheaper via proxy from Japan, probably. Please note that a lot of Japanese socks are cotton rather than wool and that's because Japan never really had a sizeable wool industry and dyed wool doesn't achieve the same design effects for that they're going for.Further readingYour Favorite ___ for $___: Wool TrousersSock GuidePants Guide v3Beginner's Guide to Buying Expensive Clothes for Less & Proxying from Japan
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