Beyond the Basic Bastard: Building a Casual College Wardrobe

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Beyond the Basic Bastard: Building a Casual College Wardrobe
Building a Casual College WardrobeThis is the third thread in a series of threads about building your wardrobe in a specific direction as an alternative to or after you have become content with The Basic Bastard Wardrobe, but ironically it will basically be the exact same wardrobe, with just a change or two and some styling differences.Many students would look out-of-place in a button-up and chukka boots — especially if it’s 9 AM and half the class is still in their pajamas. If the Basic Bastard isn’t your cup of tea and you want to dress a bit more casually, then this guide is the guide for you.CharacteristicsWhat separates a college wardrobe from the Basic Bastard wardrobe is its level of formality. While the Basic Bastard is not very formal, things like button-up shirts and chukka boots can look a bit too stuffy for a casual environment at a school. The casual college wardrobe is aimed towards students who would like to dress in nicer outfits than sweats every day.This wardrobe contains mostly jeans and chinos for bottoms, and t-shirts for tops. It does contain button-up shirts, but they are not as commonplace as they are in the Basic Bastard wardrobe. The recommended footwear is a pair of sneakers for walking around campus, with chukka boots reserved for more formal occasions.It is worth noting that you might have to adjust this wardrobe to your personal style and your location. If you go to a university in a rural area in the middle of nowhere or maybe if you just don’t like button-ups at all, then you can adjust, remove items, and add items to your heart’s content.BuyingThe basic college wardrobe essentially consists of basics like jeans, t-shirts, and chinos, along with maybe a casual shirt or two. After that, everything is up to you. Note that most of the items on here are based on the Basic Bastard Wardrobe.Wardrobe StaplesT-Shirts: This is included in every Beyond the Basic Bastard guide, and for good reason. It is and will be a perpetual wardrobe staple, able to be worn with basically any casual outfit. You can wear a t-shirt with most non-formal outfits. They look fine with jeans and sneakers as well as chinos and chukkas.Buy from: Bella + Canvas, UniqloAlso see: Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – Tee ShirtsCasual Button-Up Shirts: Casual shirts can be worn over t-shirts as a layering piece or on their own to make a casual outfit a little nicer. For casual shirts, get a shirt that has a less stiff collar and isn’t too long. The hem of the shirt should end at around the middle of your pants fly. Although button-up shirts are not the go-to in this wardrobe, they can easily be worn to dress-up a casual outfit or to layer over a t-shirt.Buy from: Uniqlo, J. Crew, GapAlso see: Your favorite ___ for $___: Chambray Shirts, Your favorite ___ for $___: Camp Collar / Cuban Collar / “Hawaiian” Shirts, Your favorite ___ for $___: Linen Shirts, Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – Oxford Cloth Button-Downs (OCBDs)Note: Make sure to only buy from J. Crew and Gap while on-sale.Crewneck Sweater or Cardigan: Something to wear as an outer layer when it’s just cool out, or something you can put on under a jacket when it’s really cold. Consider getting something with an interesting texture or color/pattern.Buy from:Also see: Your favorite ___ for $___: Cardigans, Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – Crewneck SweatersCrewneck Sweatshirt: Again, just another mid layer for when you don’t want to think too hard about what to wear. A bit more casual than a sweater or cardigan. Just like sweaters, you can wear one as an outer layer, or put one on under a jacket if it’s cold.Buy from: Muji, American Giant, Reigning ChampAlso see: Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – SweatshirtsDenim Jacket: Denim jackets are a great choice if you’re looking for something easy-to-wear. Like most of the things on this list, you can just put it on with whatever. Wear it with a button-up, wear it with a t-shirt, wear it over a sweatshirt, wear it with chinos, wear it with more denim. It’ll probably look fine unless you wear the same color of denim on top and bottom.Buy from: Levi’s, UniqloAlso see: Your favorite ___ for $___: Denim JacketsBomber Jacket: Bomber jackets are simple casual jackets that can easily be worn with a t-shirt and sneakers. They can also look alright over a casual button-up shirt. It leans slightly towards streetwear, but they’re still versatile enough that they can be worn outside the aesthetic. You can obviously put one on on top of a t-shirt, but you can also wear them over a button-up.Buy from: H&M, Uniqlo, EverlaneDark Jeans: What wardrobe is complete without a pair of jeans? It would be best to stick to darker washes or light washes without lots of contrasting fading. Wear these with sneakers and a t-shirt or wear them with a button-up and chukkas for a night out. Either way, they’ll look good.Buy from: Levi’s, Uniqlo, MujiChino Pants and Chino Shorts: Nicer and less rugged than jeans without feeling overly formal or odd. Chinos come in a variety of colors, and can be a substitute for jeans in just about any outfit. Standard colors are beige, tan, olive, and navy. Chino shorts are also the usual recommendation for summer wear, unless you feel confident enough to rock some jorts.Buy from: Uniqlo, J. Crew, TargetAlso see: Your Favorite ___ for $___: Chinos, Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – Chinos, Building the Basic Bastard: Item Suggestions – Chino ShortsSneakers: There are lots of different types of sneakers that a basic college wardrobe could utilize. As long as it’s versatile, it’s probably good.Possibilities include the Adidas Stan Smith, New Balance 574, Saucony Jazz and Shadow, Puma Classic, Converse Chuck Taylor, Vans Authentic and Old Skool, and of course the Nike Killshot 2.Also see: Allbirds Alternatives: A Guide to Versatile and Budget-Friendly Sneakers, A List Of The Best Pair Of White Sneakers For Every Budget, Casual Sneaker GuideBrandsUniqlo: A malefashionadvice classic recommendation, Uniqlo has lots of simple and good-looking clothing at a reasonable price point. If you’re unsure of where to find something, look here first.J. Crew (and J.Crew Factory): Another MFA favorite, this brand makes all the basic and slightly-less-than-basic clothing that college wardrobe could need. There’s not really much to say about it besides that. Make sure to buy from this store on-sale, otherwise the retail price is a bit overpriced.Everlane: Everlane makes lots of cheap basics. If you want an alternative to the usual Uniqlo and J. Crew suggestions, consider checking it out.Gap: A fine, if boring, brand that sells essentials in many sizes and often on-sale. Make sure to buy from this store on-sale, otherwise the retail price is a bit overpriced.H&M: A cheap mall store and web store with a ton of selection and different styles.Muji: Basically a nicer Uniqlo. This brand sells a lot of nice home goods, too.InspirationClick here to see the Basic College Bastard inspiration album.Related Instagram Accountswhatinspiresnick aka /u/thewandererheresometimesselvedge aka /u/imnotfocusedatworkminhsfashion aka /u/CatPeepantslessdan aka /u/PantslessDanFeel free to suggest some of your other favorite Instagram accounts!Related Reading”The Basic Bastard” – Basic Wardrobe and Inspiration Album by /u/metcarfreBuilding the Basics: A Back-to-School Starter Kit by /u/inherentlyawesomeConclusionThe basic college wardrobe is pretty much just the Basic Bastard, but slightly more casual. Because the listed pieces are nearly identical, this guide is mostly useful as a resource to find out where to buy your items and how to style them. The pieces here can mostly just be thrown on together in any combination and ideally they will still look good. This wardrobe is also just useful as a base to start at, and then you can buy pieces that fit your desired style as you figure out how you want to dress.Future Iterations of Beyond the Basic BastardWhat aesthetics would you like to see covered in the future, and which specific one would you like to see next? Maybe you would even like me to separate some of the categories instead of doing them in a single thread. There are plenty of possible looks to cover.Here is my current working list, in the order that I intend to release them:Basic StreetwearPrepSLPQuestions, Concerns, Comments, CriticismAre there any sections that I missed and/or that you would like to see included? Is there any error in the content or maybe just a spelling mistake? Did I forget to include anything important? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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