Button down “dress” shirts a no no?

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Button down “dress” shirts a no no?
I haven’t paid much attention to male fashion for a few years but now I need to dress professionally for school and work.I need some dress shirts but there seems to be quite a lot of confusion with what makes a dress shirt.I know better than to wear an ocbd as a “dress” shirt with a tie, dress pants, Oxford shoes, etc. I place ocbd one step above a polo shirt if tucked in. If sleeves are rolled up and it’s untucked I view it in the same category as a polo.On the array of dress shirts it seems they have button down collared ones that are popular at the moment but I don’t know how I feel about them.Even with stiff collars there’s an array of dress shirts. I would never wear my pointed collared poplin shirt without my suit for example. Yet you can get other pointed collar dress shirts that would not fit with a suit and would work more with a pair of trousers.For my pants I have some tan and black lululemon men’s dress pants, very nice banana republic khakis, nice banana republic slacks.
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