First time purchasing “loud” shoes, requesting info on the “rules” of what to wear with them.

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First time purchasing “loud” shoes, requesting info on the “rules” of what to wear with them.
Good Evening,I really would appreciate some advice, based on my recent purchase.​I really loved the idea and look of these. Frankly, I’m terrified to actually wear them in public.Overall, my wardrobe is pretty standard. For work, it’s coveralls and boots. When I do military things, I have military uniforms. If I need to clean up and go to a fancy event, I got a few good suits and some solid go-to business casual options.I could make a venn diagram of what’s compatible with my jeans and shorts, leaving 80% in the middle (i.e. long sleeve shirts are for jeans only).This is the first “out there” apparel purchase I’ve ever made. Again, I really love the idea of them, but have no idea on how to make it work. Perhaps it’s like a fiery yet bad relationship. If I had a few outfits that could accommodate these shoes for an overall look, I’d be most appreciative.To guide my request, I’ll break it down into a few different questions:What are the “rules” with high top shoes?So far, I’ve received the following: Wear long pants over them only. I’d feel pretty self-conscious wearing high top shoes and shorts. I’d definitely appreciate other perspectives on this, if applicable.What kind of palette would make the high top shoes acceptable?Basically, what would go with these pair of shoes? If jeans, what color top? Should I consider other kinds/colors of pants?Similar to 2, what kind of palette would go with the Converse-like shoes?These seem much easier. I’m used to wearing Sperry’s and other types of boat shoes. I got those special “low cut” socks to prevent… issues with boat shoes. Frankly, I think these would go with two of my types of shorts or jeans. I’m not sure what type/color of top to go with this to make it a good fit.I know this seems kind of ridiculous, but I’m kind of in a vulnerable state right now as stated twice above. This is a serious post. Any feedback or encouragement will be appreciated. Also, any “brutal honesty” (i.e. “what were you thinking, give those damn things a viking’s funeral”) will also be appreciated; I definitely can handle it and respect that.If this post violates the rules or the other scheduled megathread postings; my apologies, let me know and I’ll be happy to help fix the situation.
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