Looking to spend up to $600 on a casual winter coat. I have a few ideas in mind, advice appreciated.

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Looking to spend up to $600 on a casual winter coat. I have a few ideas in mind, advice appreciated.
Looking for something rugged and stylish that I can wear on cold days in Philadelphia, PA. To give you an example of the kind of clothes I like, I recently purchased Wolverine 1000 mile Evans boots and love them. Also, a lot of my wardrobe is chinos, jeans, and slim button-downs from J. Crew.After doing some research on this subreddit, parkas seem highly suggested. They seem pretty versatile and a few of them have a military style ruggedness which I like.I’ve narrowed it down to:North Face Men Outer Boroughs ParkaLL Bean Baxter State ParkaAlpha Industries N-3B Slim Fit ParkaAlpha Industries Polar Jacket (Black)I’m 5’7 180 lbs 37 in waist, 42.5 in chest and concerned with fit (I prefer a slim athletic fit without being too tight, absolutely hate bagginess). Most of my button-down shirts are medium slim fit sized–would a medium likely fit me best for jackets as well?Currently leaning toward #4 or #3. My heart says to get #4, but it’s a European exclusive so I’d have to buy off Ebay and returns would be a nightmare.. My brain says to get #1 or #3.The only problem I have with #3 is the shiny/glossy coating on the outside of the jacket. I’d prefer not to have that.Open to other suggestions so feel free to chime in on any coat you think would suit me.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
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