How do you find “the jacket” ?

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How do you find “the jacket” ?
I know the kind of jacket I’m looking for. Well, I’ll know it when I see it at least. Other then fit and style, I do want it to be unique. So well known brand names are out, at least ones that have visible tags. But at the end of the day I’m not flush with cash so I may have to bite the bullet and get something knowing I’m not the only one who has it (tragic, huh?)First question is: can one go into a tailor and get something custom ordered to spec? If so, what kind of price range are we looking at? Is this a thing that exists in the US? (I’m in CA north bay so San Francisco / East Bay are the major shopping centers)Second question is if I find a jacket that has a style I like, but not a fit that works for me, how to tell if it’s something that can be reasonably altered? I’ve wide shoulders and narrow waist, usually things are too tight in the shoulders if they fit well around my torso.And of course, if you know any online retailers that specialize in this kind of thing please share em. I really dislike ‘shopping’ at actual stores, so blowing day after day digging through stores just sounds terrible.
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