Join our New Fragrance Discord!

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Join our New Fragrance Discord!
Have you ever found yourself wishing for a fragrance discussion platform with a dedicated, active community, varied and vibrant discussions, and spaces for both relaxed and intellectual discussions that isn’t basenotes/fragrantica?We have started a new fragrance Discord server! We are comprised of the remaining users from inactive servers that failed due to things like lack of moderation, leading to spotty, low quality discussion and general toxicity. Our hope is to focus on quality discussion, evaluation, and creation of perfumes. With text channels dedicated to casual fragrance discussion, structured debates, the artistry and chemistry behind perfumery, in-depth analysis of single aromachemicals, trading, and scents of the day, you won’t find a lack of topics to argue about. Our motley crew is the least cohesive band of fragrance fanatics there is, but in that lies the most colorful selection of tastes and preferences you’ll find. From the highschool hypebeast to the jaded perfumista that only purchases pre-1400 formulations, you’ll no doubt find someone to resonate with. Secret santas, meet-ups, and the opportunity to insult the taste of others will get you integrated into the community in no time.Whether you’re a first-timer who wants to know the best safe fragrance for a date night, or whether you want to split hairs over whether or not O’Driu’s Peety is proof of the self-destructive hubris of man, there’s a place for you. We have an active and engaged moderation team, a welcoming and knowledgeable community, and all the incorrect opinions you could ever handle. If you hold any level of interest in fragrance wearing, creation, or collection, then join today!
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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