Must Iron Dress Shirt Help

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Must Iron Dress Shirt Help
I need help finding the right “must iron” dress shirt. I would love to wear non-iron shirts, but I am allergic to non-iron treatments as my neck gets very irritated any time I wear one.​I currently wear regular must iron Gitman shirts which are about $155 each. I wear a suit nearly every day. While I can certainly afford the shirts, I am cheap at heart, and it pains me inside to think about spending that kind of money on a single shirt when I could get three Brooks Bros shirts for the same price. I have also had a problem with the neck on the Gitmans shrinking after about a year (could be where I get them laundered?)​None of the big-box menswear stores (Bank, Warehouse, Brooks, etc.) carry anything but non-iron in their stores. Nordstrom are basically all non-iron now. Higher end department stores are either all non-iron or they sell insanely marked up shirts from fashion houses (Gucci, Armani, etc.) which I care nothing about. I’ve tried some of the online tailors with mixed success. Either the fabric is nice but the fit is awful or the fit is great but the fabric is like tissue paper. I have also tried Kamakura shirts, but their odd sizing doesn’t fit me. I am a 16×34.​I just need a reasonably priced, all-cotton, must-iron shirt. Extra points if I can try and buy in store. I have a great tailor so alterations aren’t an issue. I can afford Gitman prices, and the Gitmans have been OK, but I don’t want to spend that much if I can help it.​
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