Wedding attire: looking for a good vest

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Wedding attire: looking for a good vest
I’m getting married on the last weekend in December and am need to start looking for my outfit. It’s going to be casual, so we thought I’d wear something like:Pants – dark jeans or maybe corduroy Shirt – she said dress shirt, but I’m thinking more OCBD (the texture would fit the look better) with a vest over it Footwear – I have a pair of cowboy boots that may work, but I’m in need of replacing my everyday boots anyway, so I may splurge on 1K’s/Iron Rangers, or a slightly cheaper alternative (Tims?) Accessories – She’d like me to wear one of my bow ties, and I may top it off with a flat cap (I know, it’s starting to sound hipster’ish, which is only furthered by the fact that we’ll be in Asheville, NC…)I’m having trouble finding a good vest. I’d like one that’s fully natural (wool, etc), and not part of a suit/satin-backed. I will keep this for future wear, so it’s not just a single-use item.I was hoping y’all might have suggestions on where to look, and maybe tips/suggestions on what I was planning on wearing.Additional information that may help: – As I said, it’s in Asheville, so I’m hoping it will be cool, but it could also be 89° – I’m 5’11 230, but I’m a USS Strongman competitor, so while I’m carrying an extra 20lb, I’m still shaped like an athlete – My bride may wear white, but is hoping to find something in navyThank you for any help, I truly appreciate it!
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