My Corter Leather Experience

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
My Corter Leather Experience
I should have read some reviews on reddit before ordering, but stupidly didn’t.​I placed an order for their 3 belt special on June 14th. As per their website, belts are custom made and allow a 3 week lead time. Cool, that’s fine.​Fast forward to July 24th, I email them asking what’s going on since I haven’t received my stuff and it’s been well over 4 weeks. Their reply was that they had an unexpected delay from their tannery. Im thinking cool, that’s fine. I understand.​Fast forward again to August 18th. I reach out again asking where my order is. It’s been well over 8 weeks by this point. I get told it’s ‘back to school season’ and that my order will ship in 1-2 weeks from their NJ location. Again, I bite my tongue and understand these things happen.​Fast forward yet again to Sept 3rd. I reach out asking what is going on… it’s getting a bit ridiculous now. I receive a reply from Eric stating my order is ‘on the bench today’ and that I will have tracking info on this day or the next. He told me the reason being for the huge delay was that he hit some health problems and just couldn’t work during this period. Those are his exact words too, verbatim. I can share the whole email chain.​Now today, on Sept 16 2018, I still have not received any tracking info, any updates, nor my items (obviously). This is over 3 months from when I placed my order.​I am beyond appalled at their customer service, and also the fact they just blatantly lie to their customers (two different reasons as to why I’ve waited so long and then hearing it’s because Eric was actually sick).​Truth be told, I wouldn’t have been upset if they’d just been honest from the start. Now I’m ropable. They also never once emailed me themselves. I had to make contact first every time.I’ve waited over 3 months, for 3 belts. I didn’t want to have to post this, but it seemed the only way to get his attention was to post on a public forum.​I’d like either my items or my money back. This is truly pathetic and no customer should have to wait 4 times the length of the expected wait time, for their order to ship.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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