Street style: Smart casual/ The denim jacket look!

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Street style: Smart casual/ The denim jacket look!
Smart casual style: simple but significant! More here – concept of elegance is changing; this is more than a simple change, we are now dealing with a well-deserved reform, with ‘’rules’’ that line up to the evolution of the style.  The traditional male wardrobe with its classy items like the three-piece suit, the double-breasted blazer, the classy shirt and trousers, reserved mostly for formal gatherings, is now a fix presence in the millennial street look scenery.​, when we think about the classy style, we tend to go straight to the traditional ‘’old look’’, but there’s nothing wrong here, as the classy, long-established male style will never die.Smart casual lookNowadays we can witness this concept entering a new and more youngish, fresh era by mixing together chic element of casual and sportswear. We’re dealing with a revolution by the name of smart casual; a concept that shifts the classy elegant style towards a more practical and urban direction.The main idea of this look (smart casual) is putting together casual elements in their formal declination with formal elements in their more casual use.More here –
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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