[Initial Impression] Lands’ End Primaloft Quilted Car Coat, aka Barbour Liddesdale + Primaloft

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[Initial Impression] Lands’ End Primaloft Quilted Car Coat, aka Barbour Liddesdale + Primaloft
AlbumI’ve been looking for a Primaloft puffer for this Fall/Winter, but I have been trying to avoid going the Patagonia Nano Puff route, as where I am (Northern California) it is literally ubiquitous. Nothing against the Nano Puff, it is considered the Gold Standard for light insulated shell, but the technical shell-look limits its application for me. So when I found this Lands’ End Coat at 50% off ($75), I was intrigued. It contains 100g of Primaloft (for reference, the Patagonia Nano Puff, contains 60g), but has the classic looks of the Barbour Liddesdale.Design: Right off the bat, this is Lands’ End’s homage to the Barbour Liddesale Quilted Jacket, though Lands’ End Coat is definitely not slim fit, more on this later. It has all the right details, corduroy collar, snap closure up front and rear vent snaps. Where it differs: The sleeves are regan vs traditional compared to the Barbour. The pockets are pleated and dual entry, a nice upgrade. Also, the front has a 2-way zipper in addition to the snaps, also a nice upgrade. Obviously the biggest upgrade is the addition of the Primaloft. While obviously not a light weight technical piece of clothing like the Nano Puff, the combination of warmth and aesthetic is what drew my attention.Fit: As evidence by the reviews on Lands’ End’s website, size down if you don’t plan on layering a blazer or denim jacket, as this is definitely NOT slim fit. Standard mediums typically fit me well off the rack (6′, 170lb, 39.5in chest, 32 waist. Slim build with wide shoulders), but the medium fit is a bit too loose. Where I am (Northern California) I’m most likely wearing this with a t-shirt, a flannel or a dress shirt with a thin sweater under it. So size down if you prefer a slim fit or do not planning on layering.Final thoughts: At $75 I consider this to be a good purchase, though I would have second thoughts about getting it at full price ($150). Not many manufacturers are offering Primaloft (or other synthetic, performance oriented fill) in non-technical shells. This is something I really look forward to getting quite a bit of wear.Besides the obvious and Americana outfits with this, I am also looking for ideas putting some streetwear spin on it. I’m seeing Japanese/British Streetwear fits that incorporate this and other Barbour (or Barbour style) jackets into some neat outfits. The olive color and texture lends itself to some interesting combinations.Would love to hear/see some ideas of how to incorporate it into more streetwear combinations.
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