Which Parka should I buy?

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Which Parka should I buy?
Hey guys, first time parka buyer here. I’ve never really owned a warm enough jacket/coat for the winter. I’m going to finally invest in one. I will also be using it for skiing. Below are the brands I’ve taken a look at:L.L Bean, 66 North, Canada Goose, Fjallraven, Triplefatgoose, Woolrich, ColumbiaI live in NYC and Canada Goose is just worn by too many people for my taste.I am willing to spend $600-$800. There are 3 parkas that have caught my eye:Chenega II – TripleFatGooseThorsmork – 66 NorthKYL PARKA -Fjallraven (do not like the idea of having to reapply wax on a parka to make it waterproof)I was really leaning towards the Chenega II, until I read that TripleFatGoose only has a one year warranty. Does anyone own one of their parkas and is able to vouch for its durability? Or do you know if they offer out-of-warranty repairs?Let me know if there is another parka I should consider, I am open to suggestions!Thanks!
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