Buy Sell Thread – December 31

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Buy Sell Thread – December 31
This thread is being conducted on a trial basis as it is one of the most common requests we receive.#If you would like this thread to continue, please carefully read the following rules and adhere to them:All listings MUST be posted as Grailed/Ebay linksAll transactions are to be conducted through these sites – if you go offsite, you do so at your own riskAll disputes should be handled through Grailed/Ebay/Paypal. Do not message the mod team about any disputes. We are taking a firm stance of non-involvement. Do not make posts about disputes. Do not make comments about disputes. All disputes should be handled through Grailed/Ebay/Paypal.Repeated violations of these rules by individual users will result in a ban. Repeated violations by multiple users will result in the cessation of the thread.A few tips if you are new to buying and selling on Grailed/Ebay, etc.For Sellers:Always make sure that you are eligible for PayPal seller protection – ship only to verified addresses, require a signature, and update the tracking information on the PayPal website instead of just messaging it to the person.Take good pictures! Bring the item outside so that people can really get a good look at it.Provide measurements. If you need a good guide on how to take them, look here.Consider providing a discount for MFA members!For Buyers:If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Check a user’s feedback on Grailed before you buy.Don’t go offsite. Because I know some of you will anyway, make sure you still use PayPal. Don’t send someone money through PayPal “Friends and Family”, make sure you are “Paying for Goods and Services”. If you get screwed by this, don’t message us. I warned you.If you make an offer, pay it. No one likes flakers.Ask for measurements if there aren’t any. Tag sizes vary wildly.If you want to do a trade:Create a listing for each of your items, set them as the same price, then buy them from one another. This is the safest way to do trades, as you are still fully covered by PayPal protection.STOP. Did you read the rules?That’s about it. Have fun. Be safe. Don’t cause drama.
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