Should I stick it out with my Palladium Boots?

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Should I stick it out with my Palladium Boots?
Hey MFA. I’ve wanted a combat styled boot for sometime and decided to try out Palladiums. They’re not as comfortable as I thought they would, but thought I’d try to make them work because I really like the look.I’m a 9.5 shoe size so I started out with a pair of those. However, they seemed too lose while wearing them. There was so much room for my feet to move around that it felt awkward to walk.I ordered a pair of 9’s and those fit much better. However, after walking in them for awhile, the side walls are tight and rubbing on the sides of my feet. I’m also noticing a lack of arch support the more I walk in them.So, I’m wondering if I just need to break the 9’s in more, or maybe consider wearing a thin, silk sock under my main sock (it’s a hiker trick for minimizing blisters and rubbing against the side wall).With the 9.5’s, I may just need to tighten the laces, and if I get insoles for arch support, perhaps then it will be a better fit.This is the pair I got, for referenceDoes anyone have any input/suggestions for making these work? Also open to comparable styles if there are any.
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