Fashion advice for someone who is 34 years old.

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Fashion advice for someone who is 34 years old.
Hi all, I just received a job offer to work in a corporate office in singapore where it is humid and warm. I am required to wear formal, shirt and pants with the occasional tie and I really have no idea how to get started. I perspire a lot and i really prioritise comfort over everything else. To be quite honest, I would consider t-shirt and tights more comfortable [because I powerlift]. And I woild like to seek fashion advice on what brands to buy.​Concerning shoes: I was thinking of those slip on leather shoes. I find tying shoe laces are cumbersome. Is this appropriate? I am thinking in terms of Ecco shoes.​Pants: I was reading up on lulu lemon’s ABC pants. I have tried on pants with wool fabric, but it is warm and I feel that my mobility is limited, which kinds of frustrates me a fair bit. I am pretty simple with the choice of colour of pants, which is black.​Belt: I am not sure. Is it true that the rule for belt is the belt must be of the same colour as shoes?​Shirt: Looking for a white shirt. I have a minimalistic approach to clothing. I am generally happy with a white shirt so I do not need to think. But I am wondering is there are there comfortable shirts that can wick moisture and stretchy? Also, I am unsure if I need to wear an undershirt. Should an undershirt be compressive and tight?​Bag: This is a tough one. I usually go to the gym in the morning before I start work. It is like my morning meditation to keep my mind fresh. I am looking for a one bag philosophy, where I put my weightlifting shoes, belt, gym gear in the bag and I am not sure if this bag [quicksilver 40l pac safe] is an overkill for someone who is 1.72m tall 80kg. I am thinking of packing my formal shirts in there but I am not sure if this is advisable as I worry that the shirts will crease.​Thank you.
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