Jak Shoes – First purchase of higher quality shoes – Initial thoughts (2 days in)

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Jak Shoes – First purchase of higher quality shoes – Initial thoughts (2 days in)
After researching a lot on how-to choose a more sustainable shoe (one that will last a long time) and diving into the world of CP alternatives – I recently ordered from two Portuguese retailers: Jak Shoes and Onism.The Jaks arrived in a few days, I believe the Onism is pre-ordered and being made at the moment.TL;DRRoyal Hazel colour is stunning.They certainly look and feel premium from the outside.The leather insoles are super slippy in socks but incredibly well cushioned under the heel.I’m having trouble with the edges of the tongue digging into my feet – it’s pretty painful at the moment.DesignI chose the Royal Hazel model from Jak and WOW – these things are beautiful. I’ve noticed a few people looking at my feet walking to and from work – they are really eye catching and just look premium.​Fresh from the boxBuildThe build seems really solid, the leather is smooth on the outside, the laces are delicate to look at but strong and the soles have weight to them that suggests a premium rubber sole.The inner sole is padded and my word is it comfy. My heels haven’t felt this good in VANs, Converse, Adidas etc.FitI ordered my regular size and they definitely fits however I am having some issues.First, the leather lining is super slippy in socks. Without socks it’s fine and I plan to wear them without socks in the Summer but in the middle of Winter, I’m going to need socks. I’ve tried both dress socks and sports socks and while the sports socks make the shoes tight, I feel they’re better suited to the Jaks.The one bit I can’t get over at the moment is tongue. The edges of the tongue are quite stiff with it being where the leather doubles up and it’s pretty painful to walk in at the moment. I’m hoping this subsides in time, I’m on day 3 and it’s still pretty painful – does this get better? I don’t think sizing up or down would solve it as it would mean the problem gets worse or the shoe will slip off my heel.Free to answer any questions you may have! Let me know.
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