An overview of synthetic underwear

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An overview of synthetic underwear
I have been on the hunt for great non-cotton underwear for several years. I have done a couple of posts with reviews on a travel related sub but the pandemic has caused me to branch out more and consider new qualities other than just weight and the ability to dry quickly. I have spent a lot of money and tried a lot of pairs so I figured I would share what I have learned with a wider audience!For starters I have worn briefs my entire life so my reviews will focus exclusively on this style. Most of the brands listed below have a boxer brief or trunks (think short boxer briefs) version but I can’t speak specifically to those.Why do I wear briefs? I just find them to be the most comfortable and functional underwear. I come from a family of four boys and three of us (all of us that play sports and have athletic builds) never made the switch to boxers or boxer briefs when we were younger so it was always seemed pretty normal to me. I have worn compression shorts specifically for working out and obviously have used a version that has a cup when playing sports (I have continued to play hockey in a rec league after college), but I use briefs for all other types of workouts now and always gravitate towards more athletic style and fabrics even for everyday wear. I did try traditional boxer briefs at the request of a former girlfriend but I found that my thighs destroyed the legs on most models and even the excess fabric on those rare pairs that would stay put seemed irritating and something I constantly noticed throughout the day. Different strokes and all that.What qualities do I find important in underwear? Aside from athletic and travel compatibility it is all about the fit and fabric to me. I looks for pairs that provide support without the need for adjustment. I look for fabrics that feel breathable and can handle exertion and sweat but are comfortable enough for lounging and sleeping. I have never been a huge fan of cotton and I would rule out anything that was 100% cotton. I almost always size up from my natural waist size to compensate for my athletic build (pants are another challenge for me!). I have started to appreciate the contoured pouches and no fly design on modern underwear but the presence of a fly isn’t a dealbreaker. I have tended to stay away from anything that is marketed more for fashion than function but if it is designed for both that’s fine with me.On to the reviews of what I have tried in roughly chronological order. I’m going to focus primarily on more “quality” brands rather than the ones that you would buy in 5 packs from big box stores, which aren’t worth the time to cover.Under Armour: This was the first underwear I purchased when I started buying my own and it was all I wore before it was discontinued. The pairs that I had lasted a while but eventually I had to replace them all which started me down the rabbit hole of trying what has to be most of the synthetic underwear out there. On a side note I have always though it should be a no brainer for these companies to offer a briefs version, especially for the performance stuff, but no dice anymore with Under Armour.Exofficio: There is a lot of love for these online and especially in the travel community so I thought I had stumbled upon a winner. I found that I didn’t like the cut at all and found that the elastics didn’t hold up after extended use, at least for my body type, so I’ve been hesitant to go back to them. This was a while ago now and I’ve read a lot of negative comments on Reddit mostly about them cutting corners with the fabric and quality control which puts me off even more. The ones I tried were a nylon/spandex blend.Arc’teryx: These were also discontinued but were my first $$$ purchase. Hands down one of the best pairs I bought. Lightweight and perfect for working out or travel, but very very expensive. They used their “Phasic” fabric and I found the odor and temperature control to be better than most polyester blends.Saxx: Another brand that I started to see everywhere but didn’t try until someone had recommended it on reddit. The brief options have been very limited which was disappointing because they have a nylon/spandex blend that might work better than the viscose version they use for the briefs. They feature a “ballpark pouch” which is more like mesh wings that secure your package. The design is fine but I’m not sure if it’s completely necessary since briefs already provide similar support and separation from your legs/thighs but hey, you need some luxury given what you’re paying I guess. My biggest problem with these is the fabric and the fact that they didn’t hold up well for me over time.Duluth Trading: I tried the Buck Naked briefs and they are I had no complaints. The nylon/spandex material is decent and works in most situations. They are on the heavier side if that’s a consideration but the price is good. Had I not discovered some of the other brands that I wear more often I would probably have more pairs of these.2(x)ist: Some of their stuff is a little showy so it wouldn’t normally be a brand I would purchase but I came across them when searching for synthetic underwear on Amazon. The Micro Speed Dri No Show Briefs are great for travel and remind me of the now discontinued Arc’teryx model. They run small though so if you consider these I would go at least one size up. I usually do that anyway and they were still tighter than most of my other pairs, but still manageable. I have noticed that there doesn’t really seem to be much in the way of odor control which is what I would expect given the mostly polyester fabricSeparatec: A friend of mine has been a big fan of these for a while. He gave me one to try out from a three pack that he bought. I had never heard of them and was skeptical about having two separate pouches but the experience was unusual but overall great. There is stretch but there’s also a lot of support. Because of how the fly works you don’t need to adjust at all during the day. I don’t remember exactly what fabric is used but I want to say it is bamboo/rayon.Pair of Thieves: I’ve been a long time fan of their socks and undershirts and now their synthetic underwear. The polyamide fabric really works well though I have found that it is better implemented in another brand that I will talk about later. If you want something higher end but still affordable you should check them out next time you are at Target.Obviously: Another one of two recommendations from my friend that likes Separatec and another brand I had never seen or heard of. I tried a pair of the Primeman line which is mostly modal fabric that I was able to find on Amazon. This an entirely different underwear experience due to the large (and I mean large) structured pouch featured in the design. If you have ever struggled to find a model that has enough room in the front there is no need to look any further than this or the next brand on the list. The comfort is ridiculous but just be aware that by separating out your junk so much in the pouch it was cause you to really protrude and create a noticeable bulge depending on what type of pants or shorts you are wearing. The fabric isn’t my favorite despite the really high quality feel to it. I just prefer more technical fabrics.WildmanT: I almost didn’t try these given the name alone (Big Boy Mesh Briefs) which seems to describe men’s lingerie, but I am very glad I got past that. Like the Obviously these feature an even larger structured pouch design but most the implementation and fabric (mostly nylon) better suit me. I liked these so much when I first tried them that I briefly considered replacing a lot of my underwear with these, but I had second thoughts after wearing them in different environments, since the design of the pouch didn’t always provide me the type of support that I was looking for especially when being really active. If you can get past the name and how they look when advertised, or if you are looking for something that provides a lot more room and freedom in front but still in a convenient packaging of briefs, this one may be for you.Mack Weldon: I’m saving the best for last. I hesitated with buying these given the lack of an Amazon or convenient retail option but eventually found a deal on online purchasing a tried out a few of their fabrics. The AirknitX, which is Mack Weldon’s proprietary blend of polyamide, polyester and elastane (with more polyamide in the HD version), has to be the best fabric I have ever tried. The fit is spot on, it’s supportive but still very flexible. It’s lightweight, breaths well, perfect for working out or any lifestyle activity I can think of. It’s my newest purchase so I can’t comment on how they will hold up over time but for now it will always be my first choice after laundry day. I also tried the 18 Hour Jersey briefs as well and while I like it a lot, the AirknitX is a better fit for me overall.If you have stuck around until now I’m sure you might have a few new thoughts on your own and encourage questions or additional suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading!
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