Leather jacket advice

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Leather jacket advice
Hey, leather jacket fiends. Ready for the same thread this subreddit has seen 800+ times?I’ve got one in mind:https://www.rmwilliams.com.au/men/clothing/jackets-vests/heritage-drover-jacket/JD2030101.html?dwvar_color=CHOCOLATE&lang=en_AU#lang=en_AU&start=1​I’ve had good experience with RM Williams. I own and wear a pair of their Comfort Craftsmen almost daily – easily the best and most comfortable shoes I own. Hell, my belt is RM Williams; passed down from my grandpa. Still holding together.Everything looks solid to me, the price is right according to most posts I’ve seen about leather jackets here. I own a black double rider style jacket already, so I’m happy to go with the brown and particularly with this style. A style that I honestly don’t know the name of.Concerns:Leather quality.The last time I saw one of these in person was last year. I was almost reverential because of its thousand dollar price tag. I recall the leather being exceptionally soft – but, given that it’s cowhide, I’m dubious as to what the leather quality could be. I would EXPECT full grain for the price, but I’m concerned I’ll wind up with top-grain or genuine leather. Not ideal considering the $1000 price tag.​Fit.Unfortunately, since there are only about 5 in stock in Australia right now (and they’re all on the east coast) I’m not able to try one on in person. I spoke to the sales team over the phone and they believed I should fit the Large perfectly. The chest measurement for Large is 42 and my chest measurement, incidentally, is exactly 42 inches. Considering that leather jackets are supposed to fit snugly, so far so good.Unfortunately for me, I’m not in the best shape of my life right now. I stand at 5’11 and weigh in at 226 pounds. 180cm and 102kg for the metrically minded. All other measurements clock in almost perfectly; at least when I compare it to my other jackets. But I’m worried about my damn beer gut and whether or not I’ll be able to zip the bloody thing up. Not that I really intend to, but for $1k you’d expect the option to be there. The sales team suggested that the XL would likely be too roomy for me given that these jackets are meant to have a very close, tailored fit. But I’m dubious. I normally go for XL in outerwear but, I’ll admit, oftentimes it does leave me looking a bit on the boxy side.​Any additional thoughts on this particular jacket would be greatly appreciated. I personally love the design and have a great deal of trust for the brand already. I just wanted to see what everyone else thought about the jacket – particularly the styling, quality and fit. Thank you all in advance.
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